Show # 24 – Summer Guardians

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This time out on the podcast I discuss a couple of subjects.  First, I give a spoiler free mini-review of the awesome new movie “Guardians of the Galaxy.”  This movie I had hoped would be great and it is even more awesome and wonderful than I had hoped.  It is a rare film these days that makes you smile, laugh, maybe cry a little and just have a huge fun time watching it all unfold on the screen.  A really super movie and everyone should run out and see it now!  My other topic for this show is talking about summer projects around my house – mainly getting ready to paint the outside.  It’s a big project but I’m working at it a little at a time.  I discuss the trick of finding time to work on this and do other stuff too.  Anyway, hope everyone enjoys the podcast.  I’ll try and be back in a month with another show (or sooner).

Songs on this show:

Intro – “Come and Get Your Love” – Redbone

Outro – “Go All the Way” – Raspberries



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