It begins,….

Ξ October 20th, 2007 | → 2 Comments | ∇ General |

For over two years I have been putting out the weekly “TREKS in SCI-FI” podcast. I love doing the show and will continue it, bringing the latest in “Star Trek” and Sci-Fi news and commentary each week. But lately I have been itching to try something a bit new. And this is it. My new “Attic of my Mind” Podcast and Blog. I wanted a new avenue to talk about things more outside the Sci-Fi and entertainment field. The idea with this show will be to just create short segments say about once a week or whenever I get the urge. This will generally be quick audio segments (maybe video at times) on what is going through my mind on any given day. Comments about life, things I like, things I don’t like, things that could be better, etc. Kind of a running commentary on how I see the world around me. I plan on doing these recordings wherever I happen to be. At home, in my car, at work, out to lunch, at the movies, etc. I’m going to try and make this show spontaneous and fun! I hope. So stay tuned – I think this is going to be a blast!



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