Show # 12: Business

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The show this time out is kind of about business. More specifically, the type of business and work I do. I recorded this one while I was waiting to go into a dinner meeting with the head of a Taiwan company that I have visited a few times. The meeting was hopefully to settle some business issues and just relax and have a good meal. I’m not a big fan of business over dinner. But once in awhile I get sucked into these types of things. I seem to handle it pretty well, which is probably why I get asked to do it again. Maybe I’m too good at it! Hehe! Anyway, I share a little more on what I do to make a living these days and some of the things involved there. Not a lot of great secrets or revelations in this cast. But some might find it interesting. The picture above is where the dinner meeting was at. It’s a nice place but about 45 minutes away from my home. So it was a long day. I also share a story about our dog Kaylee and her recent affinity for TV remote controls. She chewed one up this past week. At least she didn’t eat the batteries or much of it. Just kind of shredded it.  I was able to find a new replacement remote online for us. I think she gets a bit lonely during the day and just was bored.  As always, hope you enjoy the cast and I’ll talk to you again soon.

Songs on this show:

Intro – “Late Night and Street Fights” – by Dirty Vegas

Outro – “Working for the Weekend” – by Loverboy




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