Show # 4 – Info Overload

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Another new show recorded today on my drive home from work. I discuss information overload in my life and in society. It seems we are being bombarded with information all the time these days. From so many sources, including more recent things like email and the Internet. I talk about this and some ideas maybe to help relieve the information overload once in awhile for all of us. Hope you enjoy the show and feel free to comment here.

Songs on this show:

Intro – “Mr. Roboto” – by Styx

Outro – “Internet” – by The Computer



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  1. JobyDrone said,

    on November 22nd, 2007 at 11:02 am

    Hey Ric

    I think the amount of information available throughout the multiple methods of dissemination are pretty much a good thing in general. It’s never really bad to have too many choices, even though sometimes you may hear people say that. It just forces us to be a bit more discriminating in how we choose to receive and utilize the information in our worlds. I agree and have found the same thing as you described, and feel that more traditional means of getting information like magazines and newspapers are soon going to be things of the past as the internet and world wide web continues to explode as it has in the past ten years.

    I enjoy all your podcasts Ric, and hope you continue to share your thoughts through the attic the way you have been.


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