Show # 9: New Comic Day!

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On this podcast I have a little adventure out for my lunch break. First, a trip to my favorite coney dog restaurant for a couple of greats coney’s. Then it’s on to my favorite comic shop (voted # 1 in Detroit). I discuss the books I picked up this week and a little on comics in general. Not as many books came out this week in the group I normally buy. Got a couple of new things to check out. The new Marvel “Hulk” book featuring a Red Hulk just came out today with issue # 1 and that looks cool. Never read Hulk much in the past but I thought I’d pick up this new book and jump in. Another new comic being worked on my J. M. Straczynski came out called “The Twelve.” It’s an outer space adventure comic and I’m anxious to read it. I go over a few other books as well that I picked up. Hope you enjoyed this show. I had fun!

Songs on this show:

Intro – “How Far We’ve Come” – by Matchbox 20

Outro – “Have A Nice Day” – by Stereophonics




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